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'Star Trek' swimwear line lets you boldly go to the beach and beyond this summer

This Star Trek:TNG Cover-Up Romper is perfect. It's our subtle nod to TNG. It's perfect for layering at a festival or throwing over your suit when you're sitting by the pool because you need a break from the con.

Star Trek The Original Series Uniform Hoodie

Original Series Star Trek fans need hoodie uniforms, too. So, we're more than happy to comply. With embroidered insignia and rank braids, these are the best way to stay warm... old school, Star Trek style!

Star Trek:TNG Deanna Troi Swim Shirt

We've reproduced the look of Deanna Troi's lavender jumpsuit from 2nd and 3rd seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this swim shirt. The embroidered combadge is stitched on, and it features flatlock princess seams to fit a female's body.

Star Trek TOS Sweater