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Riverbend: large Tom warrior proud, loyal and proactive. Born in Thunderclan but raised in Riverclan. When a warrior named Stonefish claimed that Neddlekit (Riverbend) was dead, he was brought to Riverclan and became Riverkit. Was later reunighted with his mother and at a gathering. His mother recognized him by the bend in his tail giving him his name. Now I'm Thunderclan mate to Songfeather and father to Willowkit. Thunderclan deputy

You can move the camera, zoom in and out, move 3 different toys, chat with other users, and take pictures during your session.I just tried to play with some kitties in Oregon.This one was only interested in other cats……and the toy that was broken.And this one slept.Big surprise.Source

Sleeping wherever they lie. . . . Awwwwww ~ what a lite. / 이 녀석.. 개일까 고양이일까?!