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I wish I had curves like this! Yuri!!!

That's all there is

That's all there is

I do the same thing like all the time, but NOT like a boss.

Estonia staaaaap <<< Estonia, mate, I like you as a finn, everybody loves you 'cause you can buy cheaper alcohol there and then just get back to FinlandxD BUT NO. YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE NORDIC.

Now that's more like it...we can only hope!!!

Uh, really? Are you watching Game Theory/Film Theory? Are you even watching YouTube? It looks like you're watching the tv from the True Lab. Well, I guess some tvs allow YouTube.

Pretty much... So many people left the theater during Civil War (on opening weekend no less!) that it was basically me and my friends left. We had Disney bounded since it's cheaper and less time consuming than cosplaying, and so it DID look like this with 'costumes'. (I was Scarlet Witch!)