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Sharia court told rape victim to RETURN to her attacker husband

SUPER-SEX! Sex robots will take human beings to new levels of sexual pleasure

A Campaign Against Sex Robots may face problems in trying to ban robotic technologies that could contribute to gender inequality and sexual exploitation.


Activists Campaign Against 'Harmful' Sex Robots

Several companies are developing robots that could serve as sexual substitutes. Activists are already campaigning against the sale of so-called sex robots, which may be “harmful and contribute to inequalities in society.” - probably stupidest thing I read all day...

From adult toys to lovers: Would you have sex with a robot? Read more Technology News Here --> Sexbots and the future Would you have sex with a robot? No? How about if that robot was indistinguishable from a human being? Worse? Better? Could you fall in love with an Android? The concept of sex with robots has been prevalent in fiction for years but has hit the headlines on numerous occasions recently thanks to a spate of high-profile TV shows and movies…

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Is RealDoll Close to Delivering Its Promised AI Sex Robots?

Is RealDoll Close to Delivering Its Promised AI Sex Robots? | VICE | United States


Campaign calls for ban on sex robots

Campaign Against Sex Robots calls for ban on human-robot sex (Wired UK)