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And so after many hours of creating, perfecting and breathing life into my toys - my job is finally done. While I work, I wonder what fate awaits them. Homes they will go to, people that will own them, lives they will witness, be part of. I wish my toys (like many of us makers do) a happy long life, full of adventures... I picture some of them in the far future: cherished, inherited, loved and passed on. A tiny bit of me will live on with them. It's a great feeling. That's the beauty of…

Country style houses, clothing, etc. is my life. I love living in Connecticut and seeing the colors around the country sides of the fields and are just bright. It makes me feel like this is my home and be energetic. The country side of me is to work hard and earn what I deserve and that is to be happy with my surroundings and looking at the scenery.

I wish I could live in The Shire. It feels more like home to me than my own house. It's amazing how these stories can grab a strong hold of your heart in such a short amount of time. Yet, everything about LoTR is so incredibly relatable. From Frodo's struggle to Eowyn's courage, it all serves as an inspiration.

aah, nothing like the scent of Clean Laundry to make you feel truly at home. Diffuse this blend anytime you wish for a cozy, uplifting feeling, or when guests come over.

My teacher always makes sure to have me out of the classroom when we watch an extremely violent movie because she knows i get panic attacks if i watch them

♪I watch him and for the first time since I met him, I feel like I really found my father. And his words make me think. "Don't get lost in that full mind of yours!" he yells "Go tell that boy what you feel. Tell him you feel!" Don't ruin two lives by being silly. Don't run away from what you are. You feel something for him an that's a proof you're alive. Now please, don't kill him.