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Inuyasha 10

Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi follows the adventures of a 15 year old girl from Tokyo as she time-slips into the Sengoku era of Japan. Reading manga can be a fun way to improve vocabulary, grammar, and

Episode 6 dialogue: Inuyasha [to Kagome, angry at her for saying she believes in him] - You are nuts! This sword is good for nothing! Me, I'll live, I'm half demon. You though, you ain't got a chance. / Kagome - So I should just, give up hope? [starts to cry] / Inuyasha - What... what are you doing? [becomes upset when he sees Kagome crying] Are you crying? No crying! / Kagome [getting angry] - Oh, should I laugh? / Inuyasha - No! You should shut up and let me protect you!