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3.5.2014 New Democratic Strategy Goes After Koch Brothers - NYTimes.com | On Thursday, March 6, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is starting a digital campaign that will use Internet ads and videos, as well as social media, to tie Republican Senate candidates to the policies and actions of the Koch brothers. Its slogan: “The G.O.P. is addicted to Koch” (pronounced coke).

New anthology offers comprehensive insight into the life and works of Margaret Thatcher - The new anthology, the first in a major new series of Critical Assessments of Key Political Leaders, provides one the most comprehensive and eclectic accounts to date of Margaret Thatcher's extraordinary impact on politics and public life in the United Kingdom. The collection allows users to quickly and easily access both established and cutting-edge assessments of Thatcher's life and work.

The SmartSlab has been described as the world’s toughest digital video display for walls, floors, billboards and buildings. Each slab is designed in a honeycomb structure inspired by the optics of a fly’s eye. Instead of using standard pixels it uses hexels (hexagonal pixels) that provide an 18% better resolution than just the standard pixel.

This blog is dedicated to science and reason. My posts will include videos, pictures and links from my favourite atheist websites and blogs along with my personal views on various religious subjects.

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