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“The brain is neuroplastic,” says world renowned cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf. Her research proves that brain structures can be changed at the intersection of faith and science.

Crystal Card of the Day: Star Sapphire, “I am open to the beauty and wisdom of the Universe.” The Star Sapphire is a Sapphire that exhibits a unique star-like pattern within the crystal, which is also known as an “asterism”. The cause of this fascinating visual effect is tiny, needle like inclusions which intersect forming a six-rayed star shaped pattern. The intersection is formed most often from the mineral Rutile, which is composed primarily of Titanium Dioxide. This amazing…

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Habakkuk’s tomb is located northeast of the Sea of Galilee. Scholars say Habakkuk was a philosopher of ultimate faith in God. It is said his name derives from the name of a plant, possibly mint.