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Chief Geronimo, Apache leader, holding bow and arrows - Photographer unknown, c. 1904 (Library of Congress).

The Arrow Maker and His Daughter. Kai-Vav-Its. A tribe of the Pai Utes, living on...Kai-bab Plateau,...Grand Canon...Colorado...; John K. Hillers (American, 1843 - 1925); 1874; Albumen silver print; 84.XC.873.8074

Geronimo, Chiricahua Apache Leader by Frank Rinehart

Three Fingers, Cheyenne. Frank A. Rinehart photography, 1898

Josh, Chief, San Carlos Apaches. Frank A. Rinehart photography, 1898

Geronimo Holding Bows and Arrow Shaft - 1904

Geronimo, Apache War Chief, with headress

Jay Silverheels as Geronimo in "Broken Arrow." Mohawk

Geronimo Shooting an Arrow at the St. Louis World's Fair (1904)