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Iguanas:  "You didn't call, like you promised--I'm not talking to you..." "Well--baby...Let me make it up to you..."

Iguana tap it but I have a reptile dysfunction. (I dub this to be the mother of all bad animal puns.until I find another)

Pretty sure this little guy is going to end up on the nursery wall via my paint brush.

I had fun photographing this guy when he had his tongue out even if it was a bit difficult to catch the right moment. There was surely something tasty on the bark! Picture taken in the Masoala hall of the zoo of Zürich

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first picture is a FROG and the second is a lizard. It is a georgous, and very Spidey-like Mwanza Flat Headed Agama lizard . You can be anything when you grow up. but you can't switch class and species!

A green iguana at our divestore amazing creature ...  #fun #curacaotb #curacao #diving #duiken #tauchen #relaxedguideddives #scuba #scubadiving

A green iguana at our divestore amazing creature .

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