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from Popular Woodworking Magazine

2 Ways to Warm up For Dovetails (Without Cutting One

My dovetails are always at their best if I warm up before sawing. But I’ll be honest – when I am pressed for time I have no patience to cut an entire joint, much less prep the wood for a practice set. So here are two things I do to get my sawing on track that don’t require extra material or significant time. Crosscut Your Rough Stock by Hand Even …

from Popular Woodworking Magazine

AW Extra - Torsion-Box Workbench and Expandable Assembly Table


How To Dovetail

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Sawing Secrets: How to Use a Handsaw

Sawing Secrets: How to Use a Handsaw By Ann Briggs ( Practice sawing to the line. Be sure to wax your sawplate when sawing and wipe with oil before putting it away.