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from Women in the World in Association with The New York Times - WITW

Americans living under fatwa include three women who openly criticized Islam

“It is not safe, of course, not even in the West, for anyone who has a fatwa of death issued against them,” Nonie Darwish told

This is what happens in a culture where women have no human rights. Please share this video to call the free world to boycott the Islamic Republic of Iran

This is Islam. See something they don't like - instead of just leaving (no one was forcing them to see the film), they get barbaric. Lunatic zealots.

Thomas Mallon matters – he’s a novelist who writes American historical fiction. Very well regarded historical fiction. And Mr Mallon really and truly dislikes Hillary Clinton. Mr Mallon, a disgruntled Republican disgusted by the party’s choice of nominee in Donald Trump, believes Mrs Clinton will

Welcome to SWEDEN of Today. - YouTube This is not an isolated issue, it is Global!Islam MUST be stopped! Talking about it is at an end. If you love freedom and peace, then islam must be ERADICATED from the planet by the most violent and expedient means, once and for all! There is NO other way...and you know that truth! Ruck up, lock & load...lets roll! Get some!