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More and more urban homesteaders are getting curious about raising rabbits. It is often times the ultimate goal to become more self sufficient and rabbits can help with that. In fact they may be one of the easiest and best ways to help you further your self sufficient homestead goals. How so? Why rabbits?

Raising rabbits - If you take pride and pleasure in growing your own organic garden foods and raising your own chemical-free meats, then consider rabbits.

Meat Rabbits for Non-Traditional Homesteaders

Rabbit meat is popular among homesteaders because rabbits are easy to raise, and they breed easily and birth in less time than other traditional homestead livestock like sheep, goats, pigs, and cows. Rabbits also produce lean, healthy meat that’s low in fat.:

A Better Way to Raise Rabbits

A Better Way to Raise Rabbits - colony vs individual Learn the benefits of raising rabbits in a colony rather than in individual cages.

The Basics of Raising Meat Rabbits on the Homestead, Part 1 #selfsufficieny #homestead @Robin S. Brooksby do you think you'd be able to eat little bunny foo foo

Raising Rabbits On The Homestead For Beginners

Raising rabbits on your homestead for meat is a great way to have a consistent supply of lean, healthy meat. Here's a look at our rabbits and what you need to know. #homesteading #rabbits