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To be completely honest, I was fully planning on taking this week off entirely from the blog, but then I stumbled upon Monika Hibbs‘ Christmas home tour, and I simply didn’t have the choice but to share it. Truth be told, these photos were originally shot for a collaboration she did not all that long ago, but I’m feeling totally inspired by all of her adorable details. That handmade kraft paper table runner? Let’s talk about that for a minute, because it’s essentially moment of…

Big Ben ~ is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminister in London, England

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

19 bizarre and beautiful starfish species

Royal starfish (Astropecten articulatus) species is found along the east coast of North America, primarily in the southeast. While it can live at depths of up to 700 feet, it mostly hangs out at around 70-100 feet deep where it dines on mollusks. Unlike many other species of starfish, the royal starfish eats its prey whole.

Lovesexy Tour reached the UK and this is a photo outside Wembley I believe, in 1988. Prince and his Lovesexy Band in full Princely outifts... on the lawn... in full daylight...!

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

19 bizarre and beautiful starfish species

Blue means youth, spirituality, truth, peace... Find our blue tones offer in Fouta towels at the on-line shop:

A real little girl princess room. Would have to find a way to keep her humble though :/

Red Rose Boutonniere

inside old victorian homes | Stairs and hall Linley Sambourne House

Saltwater aquarium star fish page: Linckia Sea Stars, Fromia, Basket, Feather, Serpants, Brittle