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▶ Water Movement in the Soil - YouTube

▶ Biochar Potential or Pitfall? Carbon Storage vs Soil Quality - YouTube

capture water and increase soil fertility

Interview with Kailash Murthy on Natural Farming (2011) - All about building soil. Nothing is considered a pest, nothing is considered a weed. Moving from planting cooked grains to cooking-not-needed fruit and ready to eat plants.

WATER IS LIFE - The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera - YouTube

Geoff Lawton Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way (2008) - YouTube

This is an example of very small scale water work.....Intro to Permaculture 14 - Bill and Becky's Permaculture Raingardens & Yard - YouTube

Small Dam/Pond Installation by Geoff Lawton on October 2011 Earthworks Course - YouTube

Observing water flow after rain is always helpful in managing water. Water, Patterns, Erosion and Earthworks - Interesting observation that spring is from interrupted underground water flow.

▶ High Tech Compost: Biochar with John Miedema - DIscuss from an scientist point of view.YouTube