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Red states give more money to charity than blue states, according to a new report by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

I don't believe every study I read, because most are funded by special interest groups - but let's say that number is actually HALF....isn't that still a huge red flag?

Visiting Harvard physician sheds new light on Lyme disease. On a visit to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Dr. Nevena Zubcevik challenged conventional diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases.

Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars, says expert

Study shows red meat dwarfs others for environmental impact, using 28 times more land and 11 times water for pork or chicken

I have been researching and studying the writings of early blacks in America for at least ten years now. What I have found is that black Republicans founded schools, became the first lawyers, judges, congressmen, dentists, doctors, and filled positions like sheriff very shortly after slavery had ended. They left huge legacies. -Dr. Tommy Davis, Chaplain

( Well, I read this and it seems President Obama fits the description. Let's quit the nonsense and study the men. M.W. 7/21/16)