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Change Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter / Summer and Save Money and Energy

It's getting chilly here in Kentucky, and we have already switched the heat on. As I was walking though my living room this morning, I got a sudden chill. I looked up and realized that my ceiling fan was on, but not moving in the right direction.

Total energy expenditure This is a very precise metabolic calculator. It calculates your resting metabolic rate and your total energy consumption in calories or kilojoules. This can be a helpful tool for weight loss as it allows you to estimate the amount of calories that represents your energy balance. If you eat less than this, you will lose weight

10 Natural Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Calculate your basal metabolic rate - how many calories you need just to live. (I wish there was a 5th step where you add 1000 calories so I can eat all the recipes I find on Pinterest.)