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"I clearly don't lift, but let me tell you what supplements to use" haha. Funny gym quotes. Fitness joke. Bodybuilding joke. Lmao soooooo true

I wear black when I work out its like a funeral for my fat workout inspiration Iron On UPRINT on Etsy, $2.50

LOL! #lifting #crossfit #funny

Part of the good feeling after working out is not having to feel guilty for not working out.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson may have spent his career as an action star and a WWE wrestler pulling punches, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still capable of putting the fear of God into criminals....

Haha, maybe I fainted! A little! xD Found @ - check out our Body Channel! #Affimity #body #fitness #funny #workout #meme #thehangover

Let's be real here, we all just want the free t-shirt.