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This exhibit depicts the anatomy of the inferior skull including: the foramen magnum, occipital condyles, mastoid process, styloid process, mandibular fossa, palatine bone, sphenoid bone, carotid canal, and the jugular fossa.

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Ouch! Skulls and Bones Bandages

I am an accident in the making especially in the kitchen. I love this "jolly roger" pirate mascot.

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Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips

Cranial Bones: “PEST OF” The neurocranium is comprised of eight bones: occipital, two temporal bones, two parietal bones, sphenoid, ethmoid, and the frontal bone. They form major portions of the skull and protect the brain. For more nursing mnemonics, visit:

Bones and butterflies. While skulls and bones represent our mortality in still life works, the butterfly is representative of the soul or resurrection. More