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from Apartment Therapy

5 Terrariums That Are A Cut Above

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium: This one might look normal, but it's filled with Pitcher Plant, a plant rumored to eat flies like the Venus Fly Trap. They aren't easy to grow and growing one as nice as this in a terrarium is pretty impressive.

The Carnivorous Plant Terrarium -a builder's guide-

Carnivorous terrarium small enough for a desktop or windowsill. Tropical pitcher plants have a high indoor light requirement.


Recopilación de originales terrarios para el interior del hogar

Carnivorous plant terrarium, with upright growing sarracenias, sundews, and mosses. Vessel by roost.

Carnivorous Terrarium #carnivorous #carnivorousplants #handmade #plants…

Our fly eating, gnat munching carnivorous terrarium has lived a long healthy life. The above photo was taken early last spring.

from All That Is Interesting

The 5 Coolest Carnivorous Plants in the World

Carnivorous Plants Butterwort

from Fortify My Life

Carnivorous Plants – Beauty, Intrigue, and so much Fun~!

Did you know that pitcher plants were so beautiful?