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CHICKEN KABOB PLATTER Chunks of boneless white meat marinated with variety of Middle Eastern herbs & Spices to reach the perfect blend of juicy tender Kabobs.

MIX GRILLED PLATTER . served with Beef & Chicken Seekh Kabob, Tandoori Chicken & Boti Kabob and Lamb chop.

BEHARI KABOB ROLL . Tender Beef fillet richly marinated with spices and cooked till becomes melting soft.

BEEF BOTI KABOB . Tender Sirloin beef chunks marinated with yogurt and traditional Pakistani herbs & spices.

SHISH KABOB PLATTER Beef filet mignon chunks richly marinated with mediterranean herbs & spices, and served over long grain yellow basmati rice

BEHARI KABOB . Tender beef fillet marinated with fried onions, and rich herbs & spices, and grilled till tender soft meat.

COMBINATION FEAST . Served with Shish Kabob, Kifta Kabob, Chicken Kabob and Beef Shawarma.

CHICKEN SEEKH KABOB ROLL . Grounded chicken marinated with South Asian spices rolled in a break of your choice.

BEEF SEEKH KABOB ROLL . Grounded beef marinated with traditional South Asian spices rolled in a bread of your choice.

CHICKEN SEEKH KABOB . Minced chicken on skewers marinated with dry grinded South Asian herbs & spices.

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