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Tesco using Minority Report-style face tracking technology so ads on screens can be tailored

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Tesco paves the way for virtual grocery shopping at Gatwick Airport

Location: Unknown Purpose/Activity: grocery shop Material: vending machine Concept: instead of groceries there could be a vending machine for superfood snacks, chocolates, etc

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11 Brilliant Ads That Don't Need Any Copy

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3. Technology and Invention in Finance #Inventions #Technology #tech

CIO Network: The Eight Most Important Technologies

bizzby sky on-demand drone delivery service governed by real-time app

Biostamp by MC10, via dezeen: Flexible electronic circuits that stick directly to the skin like temporary tattoos and monitor the wearer's health. Potentially these could be used in healthcare to monitor patients in their normal environment and without tethering them to large machinery.

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Battery-powered driverless cars will run on the pavements of Britain within TWO YEARS

Battery-powered driverless cars will run on the pavements GPS technology will enable the battery-driven two-person “pods” to steer round objects, people and each other as part of a "science fiction future"

Which technologies will have the biggest impact by 2025?