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The Best of Stockholm - Made to Celebrate

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24 Reasons Why George R.R. Martin Is The Biggest Troll In Literature Right Now

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads live only one. ~ George R.R. Martin {Love this quote!}

I believe in God. Not because my parents told me to. Not because a church told me to. But because I I've experienced how awesome He is.

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Online Income Report for April

This is my sixth blog income report working full time. since I've started blogging full time, I've been working hard to make extra money and increase my income. I'm sharing how my blog has turned into my best side hustle yet and helps me earn a full time living!

The Most Magical Thing I’ve Had The Privilege Of Reading

Wilfred: No really. Just leave me. I'm an old man, Doctor. I've had my time.... 10: Well exactly! Look at you. Not remotely important! But me? I could do so much more! So much more! But this is what I get. My reward. Well it's not fair!...Oh...I've lived too long.... Wilfred: No. No no please don't. No no! Please don't! Please!.... 10: Wilfred. It's my honor.

I want to watch this, Mulan has always been my favourite Disney film :)

I want to watch this, Mulan has always been my favourite Disney film :)

ASKJHGALKJ FEELZ this is SOOO Ember!!! AHK I CaN'T TaKE ITs!!!!! "I played with fire/I burned it all down/I've made more mistakes/than you can count" This is so perfect it hurts me.