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[Vademecum] Trillo [Luigi Silva Personal Papers] :: Cello Music Collections

Music STEAM Challenge: Creating Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials

This is a STEAM challenge for music teachers at any grade level. It is also good for regular classroom teachers teaching the Next Generation Science Standards that relate to sound vibrations and communicating with sound energy. There is a challenge shee

Beatboxing: a 3 lesson hip hop unit. Hands on music making and assessments

This is a complete 3 lesson hip hop unit. It is has launch, explore, summary style lessons, complete with hands on activities, music making experiences and performance assessments. This unit is tried and true in my classroom, and my students LOVE it.

Workin' the Workstations: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for implementing workstations in your music class. What works…

American “Royal Marionettes,” from the Paul McPharlin Puppetry Collection (Detroit Institute of Arts, June 29, 2011 to Jan. 1, 2012). Artists and puppeteers lke Walter Deaves, Daniel Meader, and others followed a tradition of marionette theatre that came to America in the 1870s through English puppeteers. These puppets were part of large troupes that performed in music halls and vaudeville theaters around the world in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These large-scale marionettes…

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