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AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! || The Founding Fathers believed that God Almighty & Jesus Christ are the foundation of The United States of America. Please pray for our country and vote for Mitt Romney on Nov 6th. ❤

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Here’s the TRUE Non-Politically Correct History of Islam’s Violence

Natasha Marin has recently started a website for white people to pay reparations for slavery, she managed to dox herself in the process. LOL beyond stupid. As if she was even a slave.

Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad by Stephen Coughlin

Late in 2007, Major Stephen Coughlin, USAR, the Pentagon’s lone expert on Islamic law (Sharia) on the Joint Staff, was asked by Hesham Islam...

London Mayor To Set Up Police ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ In ‘Partnership’ With Social Media Firms More likely to be used to attack people telling the truth about radical muslims

A Sunni Muslim Addresses the Question: Is “Radical Islam” the Problem or is “Islam” the Problem? | MishTalk

Brunei, a small East Asian country bordering Malaysia, will formally implement “Phase One” of sharia law on May 1, undeterred by celebrity boycotts and international criticism. This also means that the Brunei monarchy will have to vigorously teach Islamist doctrine, CREATING LONG-TERM problems for the world. Human rights will be severely curtailed.

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Poor Muslims It's That Little Red Dot Causing All The Problems #2a #pjnet

The Islamic Threat Doctrine and 9/11/2012 by ALAN KORNMAN - The mainstream media, U.S. State Department, and President Obama fed us a steady stream of news in 2011 that Egyptian youth were protesting in the streets for an Arab Spring of democratic reforms in Egypt. Fast forward to 2012 and we learned The Muslim Brotherhood orchestrated the propaganda of democracy in Egypt to get support from the Obama Administration in the ousting of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.