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999 шедевров искусства, которые вы обязаны увидеть: от Корреджо до Корнелла... http://faqindecor.com/ru/999-shedevrov-iskusstva-kotorye-vy-obyazany-uvidet-ot-korredzho-do-kornella/

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When designing with a monochromatic color scheme use gradations of grey. It is a gender neutral hue and a perfect foundation color for any space.

Rose went away So the Doctor was blue Ask Donna "Where's the Doctor?" She'll reply "Doctor who?" Sarah Jane and Martha And now both the Ponds Had their fun with the Doctor And now they're all gone So ask me again Why the T.A.R.D.I.S. is blue There's a man inside With both hearts torn in two - @Isabella Rivera

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