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"Your people trapped us here and now have the nerve to say that we started this war." Rena drew her lips back from her bloodied teeth. "I should kill you." "Then do it already." The woman looked over the tall man laying against the wall. Luke coughed, his breath hitching when he expanded his chest to far. "Come on Rena, I'm royalty; everything that you hate. Kill me but let these people go." Rena knelt beside him and Luke had to stop the groan of pain when she leaned against his chest…

“…sometimes, I think I can still smell those flowers. How absurd! Here, five feet underground!”  His eyes widen with confusion. “Why aren’t we in our mansion, Christine? And our wedding was so long ago… wasn’t it?”… I would like to apologize to all the Phandom and particularly to elf-in-mirror (I couldn’t resist to this beautiful and tragic piece of writing. In other words, when I stopped crying, which took a while, this happened.)… have I said I’m sorry?

Always thought the hand in the face thing was a little weird and now it makes sense

"As I stood looking down on her I was overwhelmed by the dismal futility of my insane impulse. Why had I brought her here? I couldn't keep her in a state of trance for the rest of her days; I didn't want a mindless, mechanical doll, an automaton without choice. I wanted Christine, all of Christine. And I could not have her..." ~ Excerpt from Susan Kay's "Phantom"

The #Danish furniture design Le Klint was established back in 1940's.Here's the known design piece the Sax Lamp designed by Erik Hansen in 1952. #danishdesignicons #danish

from Lava360

20 Amazing & Vivid paintings by Van Gogh

"Cornfield With Cypresses" -- 1889 -- Vincent van Gogh -- Dutch -- Oil on canvas -- National Gallery -- London

Even though I love Gerik, I think Ramin delivered this line the best. And the emotion here was so freaking strong!