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Battle of the Somme, July 1st 1916: "1,500 French soldiers and 12,000 German soldiers also lost their lives during those first shocking 24 hours." - BritainsMilitaryHist

British soldiers take German prisoners somewhere on the Western Front mid 1916 or later - The Great War (@WW1_Series) | Twitter

WWI. German soldiers belonging to the 26th Reserve Division and a collection of British prisoners-of-war, pause for a quick photograph. Definitely 1915 or later. The 26th Reserve Division spent World War I on the Western Front. It fought in the Battle of the Frontiers and then participated in the Race to the Sea, fighting in the Somme region. It occupied the line in the Somme/Artois region into 1916, facing the British offensive in the Battle of the Somme.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Russian soldiers teaching the Cossack dance to German prisoners of war. Eastern…

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German soldiers wearing four different types of gas masks that were used in the…

British soldier cleaning a rifle, Western Front, WW1. -BritainsMilitaryHist

During the battle around Verdun in 1916, three German soldiers help a Frenchman out of the bottomless mud.

Black soldier in the German Army

Wounded soldier - 10 inch gash from sword at Verdun in 1st world war. Photograph, 1916. WWI