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The Automobile Revolution occurred during a time (1950) when Americans were introduced to technological advancement. With that, the amount of Automobiles produced were doubled - up until the Depression occurred during WW2, promoting revolution and protests.

Hiroshi Matsumoto. Unlike those extreme large-sized ones, these small 9×9 painting, are intriguingly less common in abstract artwork. No other abstract artists have done it so passionately than this oil painter from Kobe city in Japan. His style of paintings characterized with bold brush strokes just fit into small canvas. Using oil medium laid on thick plaster, ever creamier than cake frosting. Presentation is a fusion of minimalism and simplicity.

László Moholy-Nagy At the Bauhaus designers such as Laslo Moholy Nagy, Herbert Bayer and Joost Schmidt sought to codify a set of rational principles for graphic design practice through their endorsement of sans-serif typography, asymmetrical compositions and rectangular fluid grids, a preference for photography over illustration, and the promotion of standardised paper sizes.