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Photo: “J.K. Rowling: @kirikawa_juu Thank you for that beautiful painting. It really moved me! They're [Newt and Harry] two characters that mean so much to me.”

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Crooked Hillary??? No One, No One is as Crooked, Slimy, Underhanded and Filthy as Donald J. Trump!! For those that voted for him, hold on to your Racist Hats!! This is just the tip of the iceberg!!! #CROOKEDDONALD ##LOCKHIMUP

J-Hope deserves so much more recognition for being the incredibly talented, sweet, radiant, fine af man that he is...

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Height difference of Elide Lochan and Lorcan Salvaterre by meabhd. EoS. Empire of Storms. Sarah J Maas

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What a disgrace....AGREED. After everything this baffoon said for YEARS about Obama. Smdh.