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Siberian Husky male My female, Shanda, smaller but a dead-ringer!

When I read that one of the symbols of a Scorpio was the phoenix, I instantly realized something. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth. My middle name means "rebirth or to be reborn." My father, also a Scorpio, chose this name for me simply because it was unique and not often used. He had no idea...

The hexagram also has a sexual connotation. It represents sexual union. The triangle pointed downward is a female symbol and the triangle pointed upward is the male symbol; when they are interlaced it represents coitus, or sexual union of the active and passive forces in nature.

I Paint Whimsical Animals That Visit Me In The Forest. Oleg the Magnificent by Jayne Siroshton

A pair of Io moths (male on the top) ~ The eyespots are reported to have some hypnotizing properties.

Adrien Brody... don't know why I think he's so frickin' sexy...