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With less than 1% of Women, Latinos and African Americans voting for him, Drumpf has NO chance. (Not to mention Muslim, Jewish and just plain intelligent voters.) His defeat is gonna be YUGE... and an absolute pleasure to watch.

A wise woman once said "fuck that shit" and lived happily ever after.

Trump. He took 20 years of deductions for losing other people's money! This makes him a taker, not smart! You could be next! Do not vote for him!

Very true... Too bad nasty people have to do this.. And too bad that they act like they arent like this... Ha ha ha

Nothing is more true for you! You are more than miserable inside! You are empty, cold & disgusting! Live in the hell you've created because your day of pay back will come! Every single thing you've done to me, Jack & Sophia will come back two fold!

Thank you! The double standards nowadays frustrate me to no end. A woman can be beautiful and smart. :)

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So always be yourself

Trump does not think women should be trusted to make medical decisions about their own bodies. Vote for him? HELL NO!!