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Vintage Cobra GI Joe 1985 Mail Away Lampreys MISB Red Back Hasbro Direct #Hasbro

Maternity Marc Chagall (French, born Belarus. 1887-1985) (1912). Gouache on paper

Jean Dubuffet, Portrait d'homme, 1974 | Black suit and coloured scribble |

Jean Dubuffet. Large Sooty Nude. 1944.

Shipwreck, the G.I.Joe sailor that came with parrot "Polly," from the 1985 series of the G.I.Joe toy line

1963 Jean Dubuffet (French 1901~1985), best known for founding the art movement 'Art Brut'

LEATHERNECK (v1), YOJOE.COM | Dedicated to the G.I.Joe of the 80's, 90's and beyond!

Jean Dubuffet Vieille reine et courtisan 1961 Paris Circus painting. Exceptional.

General Hawk. My first G.I. Joe action figure. Got it for Christmas 1985.

The box for the Cobra Jet Pack, depicted here with pilot Crystal Ball, released for the G.I.Joe line of toys in 1987