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One of the many right wing messages seen on Facebook lately is a picture of Adolph Hitler with the words written on the picture: “GUN CONTROL IS NOT ABOUT GUNS … IT’S ABOUT CONTROL.” Another one of these messages shows […]

Celebrities tweet for gun control, but have armed body guards. Oh, only the little people can't have guns. I get it.

As I said, criminals don't obey laws. And we have a huge amount of criminal illegal aliens, and a federal government that won't protect the border. I tell my babysitters, keep the kids alive and anyone tries to break in, there is the gun, shoot them. Lol.

Omg, too cute! It's Deer season in Missouri. I sure do miss being there with my dad. I remember him killing 3 to 4 deers, and bringing them home on top of his car, waking us up, saying, you wanna eat? Well, then help me gut these mother fuckers!