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#MJB Shoe Love is True Love Pretty-N-Pink makes me Happy So #Chic #GirlyGirl #Pretty #PinkLaquer #PeepToe #Platform #HighHeel #PatentPumps ♡Love it's Love♡

For the big day | Kate Spade 'basket pavé' linear earrings.

RED Valentino 'Bow' Straw Tote (20,170 PHP) found on Polyvore

Pretty in pink. :) Vintage KRAMER Four Row Pink Rhinestone Givre Baguette Bracelet

Joy, you can't take it. Some folks want to hurt you (and will go to extreme lengths to do it) but in the end what they attempt to do to you has more of an adverse effect on them than it does you. Ya'll can try, but you can't take it. Still stepping, still moving after ALL you've done. God's got my back!