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I was watching a coach call last night in bed and one of the things brought up was to imagine a life without Beachbody... If suddenly the company was gone... How different would my life be? I came to America when I was 6. My mom was living in the US for several years working as a nurse to try to bring the family over to the states because to the rest of the world America is the great country of opportunities... that indeed it is. I entered first grade not knowing English yet I excelled in…

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100th Day of School ELA Activities - Free 100th Day of School Activities for English Language Arts or any subject perfect for any grade! Includes: Letter to 100-year-old self, 10 places I want to go before I turn 100, 10 things I want to do before I turn 100, Class Challenge: 100 small acts that change the world, Class Challenge: 100 reasons to be thankful. #teachersherpa

Do you need a KWL chart to use in your French class?This FREE KWL chart is available in English and in French. In English the categories are as usual:K (What I know)W (What I want to know)L (What I learned)This French KWL has 3 categories in French:(S - Ce que je sais)(V - Ce que je veux savoir)(A - Ce que j'ai appris)Depending on the level and age of the student, you can have them write in French or English, and you can use either chart to fit your needs!If you download this product, ...

Make plans for your new year! Download this little work of art for free and write in things you want to achieve this year! www.theenglishstudent.com

Meet your Posher Hi! I'm Alissa. Currently at Moorpark College, planning to major in anthropology (&English?), minor in dance. I love people and want to help others see the beauty in their unique life stories, which i believe are authored by God and coauthored by each of us..I love all things creative&hope to use that to express those things. Oldest of 5. Girlfriend to the most wonderful boyfriend i could hope for, who inspires&encourages me each day. I hope to sell almost all i have, to be…

words d freedom runaway running free definitions english running away slave I just know it noun origin: greek otherwordly other-wordly captivity drapetomania someone is going to send me an angry message words are powerful things

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