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Did you know? I did! Absolutely adore the Flash. One of my top 5 favorite DC superheroes now! #SonGokuKakarot

Bland Marvel Headcanons | Warm feels... (: I love the spider thing they share.

Batboys. Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, & Jason Todd.

The Gaurdians are her first family. The last of her training was off planet, and they helped her escape. They come to see her, and Bruce hulks out when there's a misunderstanding about who everyone is. Groot stops him, and Natasha takes that as good enough for her.

The Captain America/Puerto Rico pic AND Marvel’s majestic response. lol #funny #CaptainAmerica #Marvel #PuertoRico ▀▄▀ More daily clean humor @ Sanitaryum ▀▄▀ “We aggregate & “sanitize” humor for you.” Family safe. :)

Cockiness runs in the family. Howard Stark everyone