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Clients In Bed - Funny Feedback Illustrations - 11

Ever wondered how your typical clients would be in atypical situations?

Clientes y #agencias en la cama. Entra en http://www.elcafeatomico.com/clientes-y-agencias-en-la-cama/ y descubre mucho más! #publicidad #adsworld #ClientsinBed #FlatDesign

Clients In Bed - Funny Feedback Illustrations - 13

L’agence Leg annonce arrêter les compétitions clients

L’agence Leg annonce arrêter les compétitions clients

Le Competition, Advertising

Mummy Was A Robot, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil = Circled Icon: http://ic8.link/15868

Illustrations by E. Benyaminson for Hello, I'm Robot! by Stanislav Zigunenko (Russia,

Korean artist Kim Joon (b. 1966) at Sundaram Tagore New York. The show is a variation on the emerging photographer’s fascination with tattoos and taboos. His use of three-dimensional computer graphics enables Joon to ‘virtually’ mould the physiology of his subjects in an anti-pygmalian fashion.

'Fragile-Mermaid' by south Korean artist Kim Joon (b animation software, digital print. via look into my owl

FIFA 15 - Anuncio de TV [HD] - YouTube

Feel The Game in the official FIFA 15 TV commercial. Pre-order for exclusive content: Learn more about FIFA Out 23 September North America. Xbox One, a.

"Fistful of Wolves" video to promote the F/W 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Incredibly hilarious dialogue. Doesn't take itself too seriously. "Is he walking…in slow motion?!"

Hilarious Mercedes Ad Proves Germans Have A Sense Of Humor - promo for the Fall/Winter 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Color Marketing

The Importance Of Color Choice In Marketing colors business infographic marketing promoting business tips marketing tip marketing tips

Ad No. 8 - The Bus The ad begins with someone placing his ear on the road and then getting up to give two thumbs-up to his companions – the bus is coming! The subsequent scenes in the ad are overly dramatic and accompanied by the narration of the cool bus driver. It’s breathtaking to be on a bus! The amazement when you see that the bell you pressed rang and lighted up the “Stop” sign…  This is a funny ad not to be missed!

"The Sexiest, Coolest, Most Epic Bus Commercial Ever. Midttrafik Commercial - "The Bus" (With English Subtitles - HD)

Haig Club x Adam & Eve/DDB London. Director: Guy Ritchie @ Independent/Reset (w/o 10.20)

Haig Club Exclusive - Guy Ritchie’s extended cut of David Beckham in the new Haig Club TV ad. Haig Club will officially launch on October with the relea.