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Our skilled artisans hand-detail each wax positive before it becomes a distinctive piece of hardware.

SA Baxter Finish Shields

A brilliant shine begins with a meticulous buffing.

The SA Baxter Mark, our master artisans' signature. Based on the rich history of Gaelic heraldry, the arrow in the SA Baxter Mark represents the metal that is used to produce each statement piece. The chevron above the arrow signifies shelter and the home; and, the shield as a backdrop represents protection and durability for a lifetime.

Following a firing in the kiln, molds are prepared to be filled with molten metal.

Wax-model cabinet pulls

Pouring metal at the SA Baxter Foundry

That moment when your college closet for one has enough stuff for two? Make the most of it! Start with an adjustable hanging rod and plenty of hangers. Add an over-the-door mirror on the inside of one door and an over-the-door pocket storage on the other. Stash everything from beauty products to socks and underwear in stackable storage bins inside or above your closet. Go for a mesh laundry “basket” that'll fit into small spaces and a folding ironing board, too. How’s that for organization?

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