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whoa, this is pretty amazing. spiderman dances to the beat in any song that plays. try it! :0 *tries AOT theme* oh my gawd

He literally dances with the beat to every song. I've been testing it for the last hour while laughing my head off. (You have have to click on the picture)

it's so entertaining I've spent hours playing different song for him and watching him dance perfectly to them

Spider-man is the master of any beat…

Spider-man is the master of any beat… I seriously laughed so hard I cried. Click for the gif and Spider-man will literally dance to the beat of ANY song you play.

I personally identify with Ron all the time, but the tap-dancing spiders dream really hits home for me.

Some amazing glow-in-the-dark tips & ideas. How about glow yarn and splatter paint -- perhaps in the shape of a giant spider web! Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent & Clorox 2 glow in the dark! Who knew?

DIY Spooky Spider Eggs

DIY Spider Eggs- Take white pantyhose, cut it in half, and stuff the fool with stuffing, then glue on spiders, and viola!