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There's something empowering about speaking your truth and releasing your inhibitions. Find your happy place :)

Think about this....... Imagine how much further you'd be in life, if you could get back all the time spent worrying about what other people are doing, what they're saying......what they are thinking. In the end, nothing that anyone has done.......or will do, has anything to do with what's truly important to you. In your life. At that very moment. Ever. ..........just a thought.

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@lovesweatfitness's photo: "When your cozy bed tries to keep you tomorrow morning remember this! You'll never see change if the things you are doing are the same. Instead of counting the hours until your "cheat meal" or skipping a workout because "it's the weekend." try going the extra mile! In order to see results you need to push yourself past your comfort zones and challenge yourself. Maybe DON'T have a cheat meal this week and try working out in some way everyday! ...