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from Vogue

The Cat and the Flat: Spring Shoes and Kittens Make the Perfect Pair

George, brother of Tommy (see March 1), has hopped into the designer-sneaker trend. He is being discreet, sort of, in Céline.

Baby Barn Owl by Dysartian: The Barn Owl does not hoot (such calls are made by typical owls, like the Tawny Owl or other Strix), but instead produces a characteristic shree scream, ear-shattering at close range. Nestlings are covered in white down all over, but the characteristic heart-shaped facial disk is visible soon after hatching. #Barn_Owl

cat in a bowl one of my kittens did this but only it was in their water pan after they dumped their water out.

Baby Dusky Langur by Troup1: This tribe of dusky langurs in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand live at the base of a sacred mountain sandwiched between an air force base and a town. They cannot be sustained by the mountains resources and have been fed by the local people. They are very gentle, playful and sweet natured. This particular young male is very used to my presence and is a great model.