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BUY $200 GET 10% OFF DIY Wall Decor 29 Forged steel panel with leaves and beautiful deer center banded together by Parisian collars. H: 36-1/4" W: 24-7/16" Weight: 16 lbs.

BUY $200 GET 10% OFF - DIY Wall Decor 12 This hand forged metal panel is a part of our more modern designs. It is a vertical piece with the scrolls in a vertical position. It has three sets of scrolling one under the other with the center piece scrolled in a heart pattern. The top piece is rounded and the bottom pieces is outwardly scrolled. It is less detailed but is open and less ornate.
H: 35-7/16" W: 19-11/16" Weight: 22.86 lbs.

BUY $200 GET 10% OFF - DIY Wall Decor 26 This design of this piece is simple and elegant - open, with scrolled edges and a lattice work center. It is lightweight although it is made of hand forged steel It would bring a light and airy atmosphere to any room. H: 25-3/16" W: 27-3/4" Weight: 15.37 lbs.

(M) Forged Steel Panel Scrollwork with Leaves. 31-1/2" Height by 12-5/8" Wide, 15.78 lbs.

Forged Steel Decorative Center Piece with Hemisphere Rosettes. 78-3/4" W, 31-1/2" H, 126.54 lbs

BUY $200 GET 10% OFF - DIY Wall Decor 8 Made of hand forged steel, this is a left horizontal piece designed with amazing scroll work and could easily be used together as a matched set with the right piece in a larger area in a room setting perhaps on a large wall. This piece can be painted to enhance any decor and can also be used as a window screen, wall hanging, gate or even line with fabric. H: 29-1/2 W :27-1/4 Weight: 34.40 lbs

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BUY $200 GET 10% OFF - DIY Wall Decor 23 From our elegant collection of hand forged steel right panel, this piece can be purchased separately or as a pair. It is vertical and lightweight and add a elegant flair to any elegant setting. Resembling blooming flowers, with buds and light scrolling painted, they are stunning. H: 38-3/16" W: 30-3/4" Weight: 15.88 lbs.