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WHAT'S ITALIANDIPITY? It's not always easy to use words to describe eagerness, emotions and feelings; there's a tendency to become banal and to use the limits of meaning to explain concepts that have no limits at all. ITALIANDIPITY IS ... ...

Honoring XVI Forgiveness ~*~ When I am able to forgive myself to have been in a certain situation, forgiveness of the others will follow as naturally as the afterbirth. Focus within not without. Focus on the spirit-axis not the substance-axis.

“A hidden house,” Sam said, as he opened the door and went in. “A whole hidden house.” He turned to me and said in a whisper, “No one has been here.”

The little girl just could not sleep, because her thoughts were way too deep. Her mind had gone out for a stroll, and fallen down a rabbit hole!...Alice in Wonderland

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