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When Is Recess? / Oh. My. Gosh. I want this shirt!

Old Tshirt rug... I found a tutorial on pinterest... and they just used a rug matte (you know, the thing that keeps the rug from sliding, and cut 1 inch by 5 inch strips and poked them through one hole and up through another. Depending on how full you want it, will determine how many spaces you leave between each row of strips. I can't wait to make one out of my children's old clothes

INK361 - Photo - Simple and cool! Remember to check out (link in bio)

"I would eat healthy but then I remember that time Eve ate an apple and doomed humanity so idk better not risk it." hahahahahah I want this shirt

I love freezer paper stenciling! I didn't want to forget this link. What a fun way to make cute kids' shirts...or anything for that matter.

Homestead Survival: Bleach Pen T Shirt Art DIY Project

DIY Braided Summer Style T-shirt
from FabDIY

DIY Braided Summer Style T-shirt

DIY Braided Summer Style T-shirt More

I don't know what I'm training for but I hope it never happens.