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Josef Leimberg - (Trumpet-crossed -arms) Upon first listen of Josef Leimberg's "Interstellar Universe," this writer was overcome with a deep sense of ineffability. So much so, that everything had to pause and the song be given undivided attention. The song transcends the boundaries of eargasm and literally speaks to your soul. It wasn't until multiple listens later that words finally returned. And even then, all that managed to be uttered was a muted, "Wow!"

Nina Simone (Eunice Kathleen Waymon) (b.1933 - d.2003) was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, and arranger widely associated with jazz music. She aspired to become a classical pianist, then developed her own music, a fusion of gospel and pop songs, using her characteristic contralto. A civil rights activist, she settled in France in 1992. Over the length of her career she recorded more than 40 albums and received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2000.