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A Ranking Of 24 Ultimate '90s Boss Bitches

Fran Fine from The Nanny | A Ranking Of 24 Ultimate '90s Boss Bitches

What if these star-fish things came out of the sea and had fangs and you could never get them off & they ate you alive?My mother says this is why i get nightmares(THE POWER OF IMAGINATION IS TOO STRONG)

That’s not even a cat…

"Is it true that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor?" "Yes and no. The meteor managed to land without killing very many of the species. Unfortunately, it happened to be filled with rabid lawn flamingos. They didn't have a chance."

This actually happens…

A patient of mine was having a 24 hour EEG, he wrote in the journal "watching movie", the recording showed rhythmic muscle activity for 4 minutes. I didn't have to ask what was he doing

19 Times Tumblr's Pun Game Was Too Strong

Now to the best part of social media- those hilarious posts that go viral, and the stupid little jokes that are just enough to make your day. As a tumblr user myself, I'm obsessed with these punny posts.