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Based on some bathroom studies, the average amount of time people spend in the bathroom every day is about 30 minutes. But one in four of us spend more than an hour. Some people like to meditate inside the shower. Some reads while taking a bath. And if you are a woman you are very likely to be spending well over an hour in the bathroom. In other words, that’s really a significant amount of time in our busy everyday life. To us, it means this holy secret place of yours better look good…

A wedding isn't just all about the bride (really!)--it's also the groom's special day. And while it's perfectly normal to have a few arguments during the planning process, here are eight things a groom should definitely not do in order to keep the peace.

Is there anything classier than an all white party? A pop of color never hurt anyone, but there’s just something about a clean white event that has us swooning.

It's easy to get caught up in wedding planning, and lose sight of what's really important about the big day: the actual union of marriage. It's a huge commitment and a really big deal--one you shouldn't take lightly. Here are the 5 things that will change as soon as you say 'I Do'!

This is a guide about making a pizza box cash gift. Coming up with cute ways to give cash makes the gift giving and receiving more fun.

Alte Dinge aufwerten oder aus ihnen schöne neue Dinge basteln - das ist Upcycling. Auch mit der Nutzung von unserem beim Kauf draufgeschraubten Blechdeckel kannst du unsere Flaschen z.B. als Müsliaufbewahrung, als Lunchbox für Deine Suppe, als Blumenvase, als Nudelholz oder mit ein wenig Arbeit zu einer Lampe umfunktionieren. Wie das geht, siehst Du hier: Danke an marisanokin für diese Upcycling-Idee! #truefruitsupcycling #flaschenaufsätze…