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Transmutation, Dance of Joy - The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color. It is the symbol of the soul. They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things quite so seriously. Butterflies bring color and joy to your life. Look at them and remember what joy is in your life. They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic; it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully. Make note of the most important issues in your life, and see what needs to be changed.

Mylothris agathina. This species has been spreading west across the southern coast of Africa, and can now be found all the way over in Cape Town.

beauty of the yellow butterfly intensified by the yellow poland flower

Yellow Swallow Tail by Srinivas Dommety.That is pretty.Please check out my website thanks.


Global Puzzle

fluttering birthtrance/ a swallowtail/ lays her eggs (haiku by susan)

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Beautiful Butterflies

Orange Barred Sulphur butterfly... But he's yellow! :)