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Home Design Collections Adrien: Indoor basement swimming pool i would love to design or live in a house with a lazy river al the way through it, your mom calls you into the kitchen and you jump in the river and swim to the kitchen, but there would also be

♻ This a hand-made treehouse built by a group of friends on a campsite. It started with a big, old elm tree located right in the center of the camp. When the owners of the site discovered that the elm tree has contracted Dutch Elm disease, their first initial reaction was to cut it down. Luckily, further investigation down the line lead them to discover that the trunk was healthy and still very strong. So instead of chopping it down, they came up with the idea of building a treehouse…

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I must recreate this ... but I don't think that's happening so I'll just enjoy the picture ♥

These stairs were constructed in an old chapel in Sante Fe, New Mexico without the use of nails, hinges, metals, or any other materials except for the wood you see in the photo, and yet they hold the weight of many humans. Remarkable